A benefit is a result that a stakeholder perceives to be worthwhile.
And behind that simple statement lies all the complexity that comes with differing stakeholders and what they believe is valuable to them.

You’re selling* complex products and services to complex clients. The idea of giving the client what they want isn’t easy when they don’t fully understand the benefits they can have.
Your clients need to know that they are:

  • Making the right choices
  • Getting the most out of their investments

This means managing the benefits. You and they need to know where the benefits will come from and why they were chosen.
It means making sound connections between the objectives they desire, the benefits they need and solution that will get them there.


*If you provide in-house services, you must ‘sell’ them to your bosses and colleagues to persuade then to invest. They will still be spending money, even if they don’t give it to you.

 Power shift, power station to wind turbine

"Benefits Management, it's not rocket science."

A common view of Benefits Management is that it’s not rocket science. True, but it’s nearer rocket engineering. It requires proper planning, meticulous effort, an understanding of the materials and careful monitoring of performance if it’s to be done well.  

Benefits Management is the best application of scarce resources to select and deliver appropriate benefits to identified stakeholders.

It means understanding your business environment to set sound, strategic objectives. Working out who your project is really for and what they actually want. Designing a feasible effective and economical solution that achieves the results you want. Planning, effort, understanding and monitoring; it's not trivial but the rewards are well worthwhile.

Contact me. I can help you

I’m a Decision Guide.

I bring the Benefits Management subject matter expertise to making business choices and the experience of seeing how it’s been done before.

It’s still your business, you understand what you are about, you make the decisions on what you want to change, and your people do the work to change it.

My role is to take you through the process of making those decisions so that you choose the best option and take the optimal route to business success.compassrosesq

In Keldale I’ve been fortunate to do some interesting things:

  • Assist customer strategies - Public Policy Forum thought leadership, Ambulance Service restructure
  • Develop future markets - Identity management, PACS x-ray digital imaging
  • Solution design - Working Time Directive, Long Term Conditions, Public Sector Mobile Services
  • Solution development - Local Development Authority project £1M Social Housing Alarms
  • Understand the customer's 'RoI' - Highways Department PFI preparation
  • Improved win-rate - Local Authority / Private Partnership Local Govt preferred bidder £150M, Local Govt partnership £220M
  • Successful customer change management - Diabetes Contact Centre, Govt Dept Intranet Requirements Capture consultancy,
  • Requests for BM assistance - LDA, NHS, Police

And I've worked with some big and interesting organisations...



I curate the website www.benefitofexperience.com, all the old Keldale blogs and articles (and new stuff as well) are now there.


If you'd like to dig deeper or you have a particular project where you think I can help, then please get in touch. Contact me at:

david.waller [at] keldale.com

07780 533876

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